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Marc Winiecki, DO

Primary Care

Age Range                           Price

0-23 months                 $60/month

2-18 years                     $30/month

19-39 years                   $50/month

40-59 years                  $70/month

60+ years                      $90/month

Discounts include:

Family 10%

Annual payment by check 10%

Prices include all primary care:

  • Office visits - acute, follow-up, Telehealth, phone etc.  

  • Direct access communication to doctor (email, phone, text)

  • Annual exam

  • Labs

  • Annual flu shot, most childhood vaccines

  • Fluoride dental varnish

  • Many medications for acute illness

  • Office procedures  - cryotherapy, skin biopsy, wound repair etc.  

  • Doc Talks

Membership assumes a 1 year relationship.


Marc Winiecki, DO


Non-opioid regenerative orthopedic injection therapy:


Small Joint                  $175                         

Large Joint                  $300                        

Marc Winiecki, DO

Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy is a technique we offer to find and correct imbalances in muscle, joint and organ systems. 


It is offered at $40 to members only.

Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT)

Marc Winiecki, DO

Doc Talks

Still have questions?  Looking for support?  Would talking to others about your journey help? We know from mountains of studies that people thrive in structure, and in close community belonging.  Our community needs it. 


We strive to bring those opportunities to you so you can achieve your best self and help others too.  Watch the schedule for Weight loss, DM, CAD risk reduction, Anxiety, Smoking, Bereavement, Cancer survivors, Caring for the Caregiver. Included in membership.

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