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Know your healthcare

Dr. Winiecki's model of care may seem like a big shift in the way you know your healthcare.  It is!  Direct Primary Care is a nationally growing trend in family healthcare.  Here are some frequently asked questions:


Do you take my insurance? 

No, and while that may sound like a show-stopper for many people, let me tell you why. Family practice can’t financially survive on the low reimbursements from insurance. The system simply does not value prevention.  The overhead expenses of taking insurance (administrators, clerks, IT, billing and collections) result in the need to see as many patients as possible, which reduces appointment times and inhibits the patient/doctor relationship, satisfaction and ultimately, health outcomes.  Without those insurance burdens, Direct Primary Care physicians can apply those resources to providing you with high quality primary care at much lower costs. 


Why should I pay for a service I get for “free” at the bigger clinics? 

Value.  Compare the care we provide with the care you get there.  We cap the size of our practice so we have the time to offer you responsive communication, same/next day appointments, urgent, acute and chronic care follow up, unhurried visits where we get to know you and your family, spend time with the education so we can arrive at good decisions about your health.  It’s like having a doctor in the family!  Transparency is refreshing and our costs are low when compared to the costs of the other system. Often, DPC will save you money over your insurance copays and deductibles.  If we can save you one trip to the ED, we’ve saved you the value of the annual fee!  We work hard to give you everything we can to keep you healthy at no extra charge.  We’re investing in the health of our community, together.  


Do I still need insurance?  

Yes, you need insurance for the bigger things that might crop up – images, hospitalizations, specialist consultations, prescription drugs, etc. Think of it this way: you have auto insurance in case of an auto accident.  The rest of your car maintenance costs are yours – oil changes, brake pads, tires, etc.  Your medical insurance is for the big stuff.  Your Monad Doc bill will be your health maintenance cost. 


Can you still order/prescribe meds, labs, images and specialist consultations?  

Yes!  That system does not change for you.  I write an order and send it to them.  They perform the service and bill your insurance, same as before.  And because I will have fewer patients, I will be able to monitor your progress through the system much more closely and be able to assist.  


Is DPC the same as concierge medicine?  

No, but there are similarities.  Concierge medicine has a reputation for catering to the affluent, costing a lot while still billing insurance.  I bristle at the notion.   I am mission driven to serve our community with family medicine.  Adopting the DPC method allows me to do that for those that value it at an affordable rate.  


Should I join your DPC if I’m healthy?  

Yes!  For the cost of a cell phone plan, gym membership or cable TV subscription, you can have the assurance of the doctor on your side, who knows you, responds and cares for you and your family, available after hours, ready when you might need some attention, monitoring your health and helping you with your health goals.  

Still have questions?

Please stop in and see what Monad Doc is all about.

We're happy to answer any questions you have.

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